bitsyled is firmware, board and configurator. together they form a simple relationship so you can place rgb led strips anywhere without compromising functionality. it’s also open source and comes with an easy to use configurator interface that runs on windows, osx and linux. checkout the github link below for more information. specifications attiny84 status led […]

Building an RC Paramotor

Flying and aviation is my passion and I have flown pretty much everything from large scale model airplanes to multi copters. A couple weeks ago I met a fellow RC Pilot who was flying an RC Paramotor and it was an amazing experience. Naturally I started to look to buy a cheap model that I […]

Han Solo and Twobaccas Costume

About 7 months ago, two amazing little guys came to this world and have conquered the heart of their Mommy, Brother and of course Daddy. Naturally we were thinking about a fun halloween costume for the twins and as a big Star Wars fan I couldn’t resist and build a Stroller Millennium Falcon. And so […]

Fresh React Native Components: swipebox, swipetimepicker and optiongroup

It’s summer time and we just had twin baby boys. Coding and development have been drastically reduced but I still have some time to play around and create some simple but powerful react-native components. react-native-optiongroup¬† The react-native-optiongroup¬†component is a simple but effective control that allows a user to select a quick choice from a pre-selected […]

Project Omicron – Our own venture into space

Earlier this year the world watched SpaceX launching the fourth heaviest rocket ever built into space. We were inspired by this event and started to play around with the idea sending something to space ourselves. Two weeks later Project Omicron was born. We attempting to build and launch a 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (1U) […]

Open anything with React Native OpenAnything

A common task in modern mobile apps is to redirect the user to native or external applications. A very common thing is to open and display an address in the native maps application. You can either do this the old fashion way and create a deep linking module for your application or just use OpenAnything […]

Team Lego Star Wars – Red Bull Soap Car Race

We did #4th place out of 61 cars – the largest Soap Box Race in the United States – Amazing! See the final video below: Official Team Pictures from Red Bull   Pictures and Videos from Instagram View this post on Instagram #starwars #redbullsoapboxrace A post shared by Shelley Burke (@shellaroo22) on Aug 20, 2017 […]

Partial Object Composing in JavaScript ES6

We all had to deal with dynamic object keys at one point and it is a painful process but thanks to the enhanced Object Initialization Spec in ES6, those days are becoming a bit easier. The [ ] quotation allows to create an object key from a computed value as shown below: const target = […]

A venture into Large Object Scanning using Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is not new to the world. It was discovered in the mid-19th century and is the science behind recovering exact positions of surface points meaning that depth and distance can be calculated from just images as long the scale is known. Today Photogrammetry has it’s application in a wide range of industries including topographic […]

The Evening Toy Build

My son recently discovered that Daddy has a full workshop and he takes every opportunity to use it. Tonight he suddenly had the urge to get one of the famous fidget toys and luckily we had an immediate solution for it: Let’s build one!