I get this question a lot: What is an easy way to control RGB led’s? The usual answers to this question is: Get an Arduino, download FastLED and get coding.. well until now.

I started to build a RC Paramotor and wanted some cool lights on it for night flying – well let’s say the project has increased in scope a little bit. I started to think about what would be the best way to configure those lights and ended up building a small firmware with static options which worked really well. I soon realized that this has potential to be a fully configurable firmware.

After a few nights I present: BitsyLED! A minimal firmware and configurator to drive RGB LED’s.

BitsyLED Preview

BitsyLED has two components: The firmware and the configurator. The firmware is compatible with most Arduino boards but I also created a dedicated board: BitsyLED board which will be available for purchase soon.

The configurator runs on most operation systems and allows to configure and manage the LED’s settings.

Each configuration is split into individual ranges that can be selected by either RC-PWM signal, Analog signal, Time based (coming soon) or always on.

The BitsyLED board sports an 8bit ATTINY84 that allows to control 5 ranges each having 3 individual led data strands, with having up to 10 led’s per strand.

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Visit the page for BitsyLED.

Learn more about BitsyLED on the BitsyLED GitHub page.