Project Omicron – Our own venture into space

Earlier this year the world watched SpaceX launching the fourth heaviest rocket ever built into space. We were inspired by this event and started to play around with the idea sending something to space ourselves. Two weeks later Project Omicron was born. We attempting to build and launch a 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (1U) […]

Team Lego Star Wars – Red Bull Soap Car Race

We did #4th place out of 61 cars – the largest Soap Box Race in the United States – Amazing! See the final video below: Official Team Pictures from Red Bull   Pictures and Videos from Instagram View this post on Instagram #starwars #redbullsoapboxrace A post shared by Shelley Burke (@shellaroo22) on Aug 20, 2017 […]

Lexus Clippers Car

Recently I had the privilege to work on the Ultimate Clipper Cars – a Clippers inspired Lexus RC-F. It’s currently being raffled off to one lucky fan on My involvement was the hardware and software design of the basketball game clock that replaces the Lexus factory clock. The clock is driven by a 32Bit […]

Pioneer 2016 CES Car

The Pioneer 2016 CES Car featured over ten thousands RGB LED’s and Pioneer’s latest technology in car audio system including three powerful Pioneer subwoofers. It was build specific for the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show. I built the custom LED controller hardware and firmware. It uses a special designed audio channel splitter circuit to create a […]

Scion iA “Outcast”

I had the privilege to work on one of the three themed Scion iA’s that Toyota used during the launch of the Scion iA in North America. The Scion iA is a micro four door sedan that is built on top of the Mazda 2 (Demio) platform. It was the first licensed platform used by […]

Toyota Magic Prius

Toyota promoted the new Prius-C at the County Fairs across Southern California with two gamificated Prius-C’s. I was responsible to build the custom game and control system. The game involves that the player rocks the car and the game engine would determinate a win or loss scenario. The “rocking” is detected by an magnetometer that […]

A DDP enabled 8x4ft Tetris Board

A while ago I looked at Meteor and their websocket protocol implementation called DDP (Distributed Data Protocol) and wondered what else you could do with it. I came up with the idea to build a large 8x4ft Tetris board that is powered by an wifi enabled Arduino and WS2811 RGB LED’s. I wrote a small […]